Tech Practice: Working With Twitter….

It’s been some time since I added a post – it’s been a tough Spring, but life goes on – and I realize we’re in Summer, but still – to be honest, my brother and Mom died within a month of each other, and despite the grieving, there is a great deal of clean up still going on.  Also, my internet went defunct  – it took the company a long time to figure out the problem, but it seems to be back – finally!

Anyhow, with my need to be on top of my game, here goes my endeavor to be connected via twitter!

My handle is:  @tony_hunt  Screenshot (2)

There.  You can see my homepage.

Here’s what I discovered about Twitter – you really have to think before you type anything – you get only so much space.  So, I found someone who wanted to know about using Chromebooks in their classroom, so I tweeted back:

Screenshot (3)

I also tried to “retweet” something – as I know nobody, really, in this realm to send out a tweet to (but that’s going to end within a few moments).  Here’s the example of my Retweet:

Screenshot (4)

And, finally, I found an article to tweet out:

Screenshot (5)

Of course, this account is tied to my work – I do have another account, but for some odd reason, I tend to mix them up – usually on the educational side.

The good part about this is I can tweet reminders to students, parents, other teachers, etc.  We, as an educational team, can also tweet updates, and become a bit more savvy with our approach in this ever changing tech world.

Am I comfortable with this?  Not yet.  I’m still not overly relaxed with Facebook, either, but it seems to keep my connected – especially with people I’d lost contact with years ago!

So, the plan is to keep trying and blow through that wall that makes my comfort level adequate.  Arrrrrg!



2 thoughts on “Tech Practice: Working With Twitter….

    1. Thank you! Brother was a shock, and mom was expected, but being hit with a ton of bricks is still just that. However, aside from that, just dealing with the leftover has been time consuming, but doable. So the past 3 weeks has been taking care of business and myself.


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