Implementing A New Social Media Vein


I’m not very excited right now.  The very thought of needing to succumb to the distractions of the students in order to reign them in has me more than a bit apoplectic!

So, I did try Google+ with the students – they were confused.  I looked at Instagram and found no real worthwhile application, at this time – I’m sure there are those  of you who will rally with ideas, but you’ll hit a brick wall (I’m just not into neediing to take pictures to engage the kids, at this time).

Some students have brought forth Tumblr, but I just don’t get that.

aaa.20Twitter, now, I can see many uses for this – so long as I don’t become connected to my phone from responses, or tweets!   So, this is one venue I’m willing to work with in order to have better communication and have the students and parents online.

aaa.21Facebook, though, seems to be the place where our students have chosen to have club discussions.  I have put up a fortress of privacy (I hope it still holds) around my personal account – but there are still so many students requesting “Friendships” with me – Yuck.

We also just began using Remind, but even with this, the students are hollow when it comes to recalling what we need them to remember (events, papers, etc).


So, I will begin using Twitter, with my school account.  Here is my handle: @tony_thunt

I will give this to the students when we come back to school in September, and this will be a way for us to connect – rather than having to scrape through the morass of Facebook, etc.  It’s worth a try, yes?!



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