At the onset of this course, I began to have doubts – what would I learn?! What would be useful and relevant?!

Of course, every student has these thoughts – whether they are able to vocalize or realize them is something else – it’s more than just unconscious mind speak, but a way that forces our brains to locate and grasp onto the information that we need at the time.  Of course, there are those who sop up the information like sponges and are able to wring it out at any time – I’m not really one of those.

There are so many ideas and methods out there in the tech world, that I’ve tried to keep things as simple as possible.

 I remember as a very young lad, I was playing with a neighbor and we went screaming through her house; her mother was on the phone with one of those really looooooooooooooooooong phone cords, and she grabbed me and wrapped me in it.  This rattled me to no end, and I thought of it as being caught and snarled with no hope of escape.

That anecdote is how I feel about having too much tech – that it will surround me and become something of an albatross as I wither and die in its arms.

Yet, I also envision methods that can take me further, along with our team.  I can foresee streamlining certain tasks and being able to make them much simpler – that’s what I hope for.

Of course, there is footwork to be done, but afterword a glowing cavalcade of interaction, simplistic beauty, and the ability to make our lives a tad simpler.




2 thoughts on “Thoughts….07/07/2016

  1. Tony, I completely feel your pain. It’s like cooking up a new recipe and the countertops are covered with ingredients, there’s flour on the floor, the sink is full of dirty bowls and every appliance has been utilized. It’s chaos, I feel as though I’ve opened up a dozen new accounts all with accompanying passwords and I wonder if it’s all going to come together. I hope (and this may not even happen as August comes to a close) that eventually my technology tool box will come together. And through the process of exploring, fine-tuning and perhaps eliminating, I’ll have a use for everything and everything in it’s place. We can dream! Just keep playing, we’ll clean up later.


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