Social Networking – Trying something new

So, this is just a reflection on social media – from my perspective.

For this exercise, we were asked to try a new form of social media – the big three being Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Well, I already have FB, and Twitter is sort of akin to a mosquito to me – it’s just there and it’s nice I am able to share once in a while, but there really seems to be no real purpose (insofar as what I would use it for – what I would do with it is something altogether not appropriate for this blog).   So, I decided to try Instagram; it is something popular (like Twitter & FB), the kids use it as do many other people I know.  So, I figured I would venture into the realm…


I set it up.  As soon as I did, a former student decided he had to follow me (not sure I should have stalker issues yet).  I found some other family and friends to follow, as well.

Next, I went to YouTube to figure out how to use it.  Pictures.  Videos (of 15 seconds or less).  Really?!  I’m not really sure how this would be useful in the classroom setting, except to distract.

I’m not about to Kardashian myself in order to appear “cool and hep”!  I hate taking my picture, and I don’t really take that many other snaps of much except, perhaps, my pups and my garden…but then there’s always a purpose.  How would this fit into our academic setting?!

I’m going to have to mull this over for a bit, and then finish off the exercise for Module 5.  God willing, I’ll be able to reason this out – if not, the exterminator was just here, so maybe there’s something left behind that I can use on this….


This is a little later in the day…


So, in my last post, I griped about using Instagram, as well as Twitter.   I did feel a little guilty – but that was a vent about my impressions at the time.  Since then I’ve embarked on a journey to find relevance for the app.  


I did find a site (Using Instagram in an Educational Context)  that justified using it – as it teaches interpersonal skills, and helps with writing – because they have to comment.  But there was nothing there that really struck me as being a piece that would fit into our setting.


Next, I tried Education World to see what they might be offering.  These ideas were much better.  I would still have to reflect more and meet with the team to see what they thought – but at this time creating the argument for using it still doesn’t ignite any fires within me.  


Campus Suite had more ideas – but still, it seems as though they’re more justifications for playing with the app than actually doing much help with student academic growth.  


Make Use Of seemed to be closer – but how is it any different from going to Google/images by going to Instagram?


Can someone point me in the right direction?



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