Embedding Media #2: Vimeo

With this post, we’re going to add a vimeo – Now, what is Vimeo?  It is a shared media platform, much like Youtube; however, vimeo requires membership (you have tiers, but you can still join for free and continue that way) and allows feedback from the audience/membership.  Youtube tends to have advertising, and vimeo does not.

In fact, vimeo has groups and so, for those in academia (teachers and scholars), the arts, business, and what have you, here is where you’ll find a community to enrich your life.

Now, that being said, I decided to find something of facility for my students.  They nearly always ask, “Why do we have to read so much in English?”  Well, on vimeo, I discovered Marcus Armitage’s threads and what I’m sharing is something that answers that question:

What is Literature for? from Marcus Armitage on Vimeo.

This and other videos would be quite wonderful for the students to watch and mull over.  There are some rather interesting and profound ideas presented, which they may or may not appreciate.


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