The Creation of This Blog

First of all, I have already blogged before, but we won’t go into details.  I used another platform which taught me well, and then I was asked to set up some others on another site, and I found these challenging, but fun.  I, for some reason, never thought of using WordPress, but I’m finding its quirks and gears to be more intuitive than the others, in many ways.

For instance, having the sidebar guiding me, really helped.  But there were some pieces that needed to be a bit more straightforward; I found them, but it wasn’t until I had really played and experimented for a bit that they finally appeared.

The truth is, though, nearly every program has become more closely aligned in format, so it’s simple to cross over and tinker with each, just to see how they feel and adjust.

Now, that being said, I did have to play a bit to understand some of the workings of this site.  Trying to put some posts into categories has been a bit of a struggle, as was locating the widgets – but all good (I hope) for now.

I hope only not to bore anyone with the posts, so I’ll keep this one brief – As I work, I will journal and add on to this or post another just to keep you apprised (as though you’re on tenterhooks for the next exciting installment).  I’m sure I’ve a bit to learn, still, but that’s the fun part, yeah?!



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