Reflecting on Setup: Module #2

AAA10Finding an easy way to develop and implement things makes life simpler – Don’t you agree?  So, when I discovered how to make an “inbox” on GoogleDrive, my brain went – “Huh!? That’s it?!”  Oh, so simple.  Seriously!  Of course, I didn’t really follow the directions, as I had to give it my whole name, rather than just my surname, but it worked, nonetheless, I think.  Really – try it :  My Google Dropbox Folder.

The next (rather it came earlier, but as this is a weekend, and I’m on Summer break, you can’t truly expect that I’m going to be completely linear, now could you?!) step was the backchannel, to work with my cohorts on this project.  We’re using Voxer.    You can set it up for free – either on your computer, phone, tablet, or other device.  It’s available at the iTunes Store or GooglePlay Store – or just Google it and you’ll find it.   You can chat or write – of course it’s a bit intimidating – I like to use new tech, but this began to truly creep me out.  Oddly, when I signed up there were others I know already on it.  So, I suppose I’ll need to use it wisely.

Now, there is still some confusion in my mind about why I’m not already throwing the computer across the room out of frustration!  I began to set up my blog, yesterday, and everything began to fall into place – or so I thought.  It’s probably a good idea to keep an alarm that ensures you’re eating and hydrating, lest your brain fatigues (Aie!)

However, I am learning a goodly amount and am enjoying this – at the very least it gives me direction on something worthwhile to do with my free time right now (not that I have an abundance, but it’s good to have some daily direction).

I’m feeling empowered, excited, and just a wee bit anxious.  But I’m sure that’s only nerves that will prompt me to do the best I can.


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